Established in 1979, Hospital Patients Guide is the definitive supplier of patient publications across Australia. For over 40 years we’ve specialised in waiting area, admission, bedside and digital publications for public and private hospitals.

Hospital Patients Guides’ publications are a vital source of important information for patients, allowing them to become an educated partner in their care. Our printed and digital publications cover information that maps out the patients’ stay from beginning to end, including but not limited to:

  • Admission
  • Advanced care planning
  • Discharge
  • Hospital facilities
  • Hospital services
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Medication safety
  • Patients’ responsibilities
  • Patients’ rights
  • Rehabilitation
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Surgery
  • Therapy
  • WorkCover
  • Visiting hours
  • Volunteering

Whilst acting as an important vehicle for facilitating patient information, our printed and digital guides are also an incredibly useful marketing tool for hospitals. Your guide can contain your hospitals’ individual, unique story (i.e. your mission, vision, ethos and history).

We also offer monthly updates to our digital formats, which allow you to include any recent or upcoming changes within the hospital. This ensures that your digital publication is always up to date, and your patients and visitors are constantly informed of their chosen hospitals’ growth and development.