Step 1: The Content

First thing’s first: we need to decide what to put in your guide.

Every hospital is different and every hospital has its own story. We know this, and part of our goal with each guide is to create a publication that helps you present your hospital at its best.

To get you started we’ll provide you with samples of our past guides so that you can choose which direction you’d like to take your content.

You can build your information from scratch, or you can use one of our templates as a base and customise it to your needs.

This is also a good time to gather any pictures you’d like to include and send them through

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive selection of posters and infographics to help you deliver integral information on key topics. They break down subjects such as falls prevention, pressure injuries, patient rights and responsibilities, and the eight (8) National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, among others.

At this stage, we’re laying the foundations, so there’s no right or wrong content. The goal is to get the words on the page.

We’ll give you a few months to do this, so don’t stress about time. And if you ever need some help, you can give us a call and we’ll smooth things over. 

Step 2: The Editing Process

Our in-house editor will read through your guide and tease out any errors that have managed to make their way inside. Typos will be corrected, and any major changes or queries will be written up into your first proof email.

From there the text lands in the hands of our designer, who will lay it down in InDesign and sport a pdf.

After that, our designer and editor will play a game of proofing ping-pong as they go back and forth, combing through the pdf for any errors. We look at spacing, heading hierarchies, image quality, consistency, and any and every other formatting issue that may arise.

Once we’re satisfied, we’ll send you your first proof.

Depending on how busy we are, this step may take anywhere between a day, to a couple of weeks. Feel free to check in on us if you’re eager to see our progress!

Step 3: Your Feedback

Once we’ve sent you your first proof, you’ll have the chance to read our editor’s notes, check over the pdf and let us know your feedback.

After about a week we’ll touch base to see how you’re going, but don’t stress if you need more time! We’ll always work around you.

This is your chance to be as fussy as you’d like and really finesse the guide – whether that be the content, the images, or the layout. Now is the time to get things right.

Once you’ve sent us your feedback, we’ll review the changes and apply those changes to the pdf. There’ll be another game of proofing ping-pong between our editor and designer so ensure your changes have been made and to counteract any new problems that may have popped up. Once they’re satisfied, we’ll send you your second proof and you’ll have the opportunity to do it all over again.

When you’re happy with the proof and you no longer have any changes to make, we’ll get your written approval and move on to the next step.

Step 4: Preparing Your Guide for Print

Before we send your guide to print we’ll check over everything one more time. This is our chance to make sure all of the sponsor’s displays are included and that everything is as you asked.

We’ll also take this opportunity to double-check the number of beds you have and decide on a print run.

Once we’re happy, we’ll place an order with our printer.

Step 5: At Press

After we’ve sent your guide to print we’ll receive a colour proof from the printer. This is the almost-ready copy of your guide, which we check for colour quality, formatting problems, and any other issues that have snuck into the guide.

We look at every page and examine everything from the image quality to the readability of the text, to the spacing. If it’s not perfect, we work with the printer to fix it.

If it requires a big change, we’ll always consult you.

Once we’re satisfied, we’ll give the printer the okay, and your guides will hit the press.

Step 6: Delivery

Once the guides are delivered to our warehouse, we’ll check them one last time to inspect the quality and to make sure that no new problems have been introduced. This includes everything from the printing clarity to the binding, to the colour accuracy.

When we’re satisfied with the final product, we’ll box it up and send it out to you.

Delivery can take anywhere between three and eight weeks from approval. It depends on the printer’s workload and the time of year (the Christmas rush will always delay things).