For private and public hospitals around Australia that require patient guides, we provide various options. From the waiting room to admission, through to the bedside, patients are never without a source of vital information.

  • Printed Hospital Patient Guides
  • Durable hard cover
  • Full colour
  • Laminated pages for hygiene purposes
  • Digital Hospital Patient Guide
  • Stored on compact flash drives
  • Easy information dissemination
  • Able to be streamed onto inpatients’ televisions; essential information on loop
  • Electronic Hospital Patient Guide
  • Easily uploaded onto hospital websites, so patients can easily view or download copies for their reference.
  • Save on paper and printing costs

The information in the hospital guide can be tailored to the relevance of each stage of hospital stay, for example:

Waiting area publications – useful information about the hospital’s various medical departments, payment methods, etc.

Admission publications – payment plans, admission procedures, room options, meals, operation schedules, etc.

Bedside publications – pain relief and management, recovery, therapy, rehabilitation, support for patients and families, discharge procedures, pharmacies and medicine, medical equipment (e.g. wound dressings, wheelchairs, ventilators, etc.), post-hospital stay follow up plans, etc.

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Aside from hospitals, we can customise publications for these medical care centres listed below. Many other companies such as the following promote their services in the hospital patient guides:

  • Specialised health care providers – chiropractors, dental centres, chiropractors, opticians, gynaecologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, etc.
  • Maternity, including pre- and post-natal services
  • Healthcare for babies and children
  • Nurse hire agencies
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Elderly care – aged care facilities, nursing homes, retirement villages, hospices
  • Palliative care
  • Florists
  • Gyms
  • Funeral homes
  • Corporate companies
  • Compensation law firms